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Cindy Wold

What a great way to practice conversation with your family! I'm going to copy your strategy. I imagine you a loving, generous and great teaching matriarch. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Kath O'Keefe

Thank you for helping keep this conversation going, Cindy! For my birthday, last Sunday, I wanted the family (and 3 grandkids) to just be together it he same room and sit and have a conversation (instead of going out for birthday dinner, etc.). I got my wish, and I brought along my "chat pack"--cards with some questions that the kids have enjoyed in the past. Over pizza and ice cream cake we had a great two-hour conversation--including answering the question: what has had the biggest positive (and negative) impact on your life? It was marvelous to hear all of our answers and to follow the threads of conversation that the question evoked. Later everyone said how much they had enjoyed the conversation--including the two teen-age boys, and one 10-year old boy. I hope they'll remember Grandma KK for all of those conversations she started!

Joel Hodroff

Lovely! I'm grateful for the book AND you, Cindy. Thanks for taking the time. Joel


excellent synthesis

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