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Elsebeth Fogh

Dear Craig

I am so gratefull for meeting you in Denmark at the ICF workshop in Tietgen Coach Club in Odense. It was an amazing deep experience. I loved working in pairs with getting clear about a meeting about our future strategy with my business partner and husband I have longed for. The meeting went out great because I was so focused on the higher purpose and intention and had prepared the opening question. Actually I started laughing at the end of the meeting and could´nt stop again instead of being so dead serious and defending my own opinions as I often tend to do. And my intention was being relaxed. We have already created great results because of the attractive vision we made about new business models. We have within a week from the meeting got at new international client and the first consultant starts in Norway today and they have asked for more CV´s so it´s so exiting

I am looking forward to reading your book. I am studying Theory U at the time and it fits so good together. Charmer is coming to Denmark in november so it will bee so nice to go deeper with that work. It feels so natural combined with my work as an integrative coach at Ford Institute, my education by Marshall Rosenberg Center for Nonviolent Communication and meditation courses by Deepak Chopra.

Thanks for your contribution to higher consciuosness and heart work and greatings for your wife. With love Elsebeth Fogh, Global Partner

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