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Claudia Eisinger Candido

Thank you, Cindy. I would add that there is a long-term benefit for each family member and all. Those times when a family member or members have been a part of essential conversation that preparation walking the wheel afford, there seems to be a lasting heart-felt effect. Both my mom and my husband, Joe, are strong and encouraging allies this year for us to STB. I have asked each person to bring an object or picture that best represents what really matters to them right now. I have said that it can symbolize what is really important to you about family, what you appreciate about the season of Thanksgiving, what you want to give thanks for at this time in life. This is an opportunity to learn something new about people you think you know well. :) Claudia


Thanks for posting Cindy. It's interesting to me that I'm often more shy about being intentional at family gatherings than I am in my professional meetings. One stumbling block is that there are often implicit rather than explicit roles. Your article gives me something to ponder about how I might engage more intentionally this year.

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